Côte d’Ivoire

Museum of Civilizations
-Staff training
-Development of architectural studies for the extension of the exhibition hall
-introduction of conservation data for the new permanent exhibition
-Assistance with the collection acquisition program for the exhibition « Aesthetics of everyday life »
-Model showcase design
-donation of books to the Museum’s documentation center
-Sending a consultation mission to help define the museum’s strategic plans
-Sending of an expert mission for the evaluation of the documentary system of the museum and the collection.
-Financing of the project « building a bar-restaurant » to improve attendance and museum receipts.
Don Bosco Museum of Duékoué
-Conducting an evaluation of the museumFinancial support for the first meeting of the International Scientific Commission of the museum.
National Costume Museum, Grand Bassam, 2005
-Financial support for the rehabilitation of the artisans’ forum and the construction of cafeteria
Cultural Heritage Department, 2005
-Financial support for the organization of National Heritage Days
-Funding of a national heritage management workshop for officials from the Ministry of Culture and Francophonie.

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