Cap Vert

Arquivo Historico Nacional

Through the Small Grants Program, WAMP has supported Arquivo Historico Nacional by setting up a Special Documents Museum in Cape Verde, with collections consisting of old maps, stamps, mummies, photographs, postcards . This project has also been supported by the UK Development Administration Overseas, and a strong national contribution comes from partners in Cape Verde. Thanks to this collaboration, the Special Documents Museum has become the first museum in the country, with a central collection (stocks increased from 3-4 articles in 1991 to more than 900 in March 1993; museum collection, memory organization, documentation, exhibition and development of extension programs – opening of first exhibition scheduled for July 1993, establishment of staff, adoption of legal and administrative texts by the Government museum essentials.

-Financial support for the project of acquisition of climate control equipment for the museum of special documents « , 1998
-Financial support for the project of creation of a database, digitization of collections and CD ROM edition, 2005

Instituto da Investigacao e do Patrimonio Cultural (IPC)
-Support for the establishment of a site museum in Cidade Velha, 1998
-Financial support for the exhibition project « Nos patrimoniu-notre patrimoine, 2004
-Funding of a National Training Workshop in Cultural Heritage Management, 2004.

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