National Museum of Yaounde
-In 1992, the WAMP Management Committee endorsed the principle of extending WAMP activities in Cameroon, in response to a request for technical assistance for setting up a National Museum in Yaounde. Following this decision, the WAMP Director made a visit to Cameroon, in order to discuss with the Cameroonian authorities the National Museum Project, and explore the possibilities of partnership between Cameroon and WAMP. The mission was used to provide technical advice on some basic concepts and aspects of the strategy of this program. Most of the suggestions made in the report were incorporated later in the Cameroonian proposal.

-Visit of the Executive Director of WAMP to contact the authorities in charge of culture and discuss prospects for collaboration;

Bandjoun Museum, 2005
-visit of the Bandjoun Museum and evaluation of the damage caused by the fire of January 20, 2005
-Financial support for the reconstruction of museum collections destroyed by fire: acquisition of audiovisual equipment
Association Pays de la Loire Cameroon, 2006
-Draft publication of the road guide map of chiefdoms in Cameroon

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