Burkina Faso

Cultural Heritage Department
-Funding of a three-week training course in audiovisual techniques at the National Museum of Mali for a technical staff of the National Museum of Burkina Faso.
-Support for the organization of a training workshop for museum staff in Burkina Faso, Nov. 2001
-Community Museum Koumi, 2002
-Financing the feasibility study for setting up a museum community in Koumi, Bobo Dioulasso
-Private Museum of Manéga, 2004
-Financial support for the project « Setting up a culinary art restaurant »
-NGO « Promo-women / Development Solidarity, 2004
-Financial support for the « project to set up a museum of women in Burkina Faso »
-Association for the Safeguarding of Cultural Heritage (ASPAC), Bobo Dioulasso, 2004
-Financial support for the project « to vitalize the museum of music of yesterday and today: organization of meetings, collection of objects, renewal of the permanent exhibition

-Museum of Music of Ouagadougou, 2005
-Funding for the project to create a database on museum collections Association for the Promotion of Architecture, Ouagadougou, 2005
-Funding of a study on the traditional architecture of Burkina FasoWorkshop in Color, Ouagadougou 2006
-Biennial participation of Dakar
-Museum of Music of Yesterday and Today, Bobo Dioulasso 2006
-Safeguarding and promotion of Burkinabe tangible and intangible heritage
Municipality of Orodara 2007
-Support for the establishment of a community museum.
-National Archives Directorate 2008
-Regional workshop on the preventive conservation of photographic archives
-National Museum and Cultural Heritage Branch
-Training of trainers in textile conservation at the National Museum of Niamey
-Sogossira Sanou Bobo Dioulasso Provincial Museum 2010
-Training workshop for museum technicians from Burkina At the Bobo Dioulasso Provincial Museum.

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