Museum Policy, 1984
-Funding of a workshop on museum policy in July, 1984.
-Museum of History of Ouidah, 1996
-Pilot project on the collection and documentation of family patrimony in Ouidah.
-Garden of Plants and Nature of Porto Novo, 2000
-Funding of the « Junior » project: school animation
-Museum of History of Abomey, 2004
-Financing of the project « Listening to the Royal Dynasties »: inventory of heritage from the royal dynasties of Abomey, constitution of a data bank and realization of an exhibition.
-Honmé Museum – Royal Palace of Porto-Novo, 2004
-Funding of the museum guide edition
-Alexandre Sénou Adandé Museum, Porto-Novo, 2005
-Funding for the renovation of the permanent exhibition and editing of a new museum guide.

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