Our achievements


Museum Policy, 1984
-Funding of a workshop on museum policy in July, 1984.
-Museum of History of Ouidah, 1996
-Pilot project on the collection and documentation of family patrimony in Ouidah.
-Garden of Plants and Nature of Porto Novo, 2000
-Funding of the « Junior » project: school animation
-Museum of History of Abomey, 2004
-Financing of the project « Listening to the Royal Dynasties »: inventory of heritage from the royal dynasties of Abomey, constitution of a data bank and realization of an exhibition.
-Honmé Museum – Royal Palace of Porto-Novo, 2004
-Funding of the museum guide edition
-Alexandre Sénou Adandé Museum, Porto-Novo, 2005
-Funding for the renovation of the permanent exhibition and editing of a new museum guide.

Cultural Heritage Department
-Funding of a three-week training course in audiovisual techniques at the National Museum of Mali for a technical staff of the National Museum of Burkina Faso.
-Support for the organization of a training workshop for museum staff in Burkina Faso, Nov. 2001
-Community Museum Koumi, 2002
-Financing the feasibility study for setting up a museum community in Koumi, Bobo Dioulasso
-Private Museum of Manéga, 2004
-Financial support for the project « Setting up a culinary art restaurant »
-NGO « Promo-women / Development Solidarity, 2004
-Financial support for the « project to set up a museum of women in Burkina Faso »
-Association for the Safeguarding of Cultural Heritage (ASPAC), Bobo Dioulasso, 2004
-Financial support for the project « to vitalize the museum of music of yesterday and today: organization of meetings, collection of objects, renewal of the permanent exhibition

-Museum of Music of Ouagadougou, 2005
-Funding for the project to create a database on museum collections Association for the Promotion of Architecture, Ouagadougou, 2005
-Funding of a study on the traditional architecture of Burkina FasoWorkshop in Color, Ouagadougou 2006
-Biennial participation of Dakar
-Museum of Music of Yesterday and Today, Bobo Dioulasso 2006
-Safeguarding and promotion of Burkinabe tangible and intangible heritage
Municipality of Orodara 2007
-Support for the establishment of a community museum.
-National Archives Directorate 2008
-Regional workshop on the preventive conservation of photographic archives
-National Museum and Cultural Heritage Branch
-Training of trainers in textile conservation at the National Museum of Niamey
-Sogossira Sanou Bobo Dioulasso Provincial Museum 2010
-Training workshop for museum technicians from Burkina At the Bobo Dioulasso Provincial Museum.

National Museum of Yaounde
-In 1992, the WAMP Management Committee endorsed the principle of extending WAMP activities in Cameroon, in response to a request for technical assistance for setting up a National Museum in Yaounde. Following this decision, the WAMP Director made a visit to Cameroon, in order to discuss with the Cameroonian authorities the National Museum Project, and explore the possibilities of partnership between Cameroon and WAMP. The mission was used to provide technical advice on some basic concepts and aspects of the strategy of this program. Most of the suggestions made in the report were incorporated later in the Cameroonian proposal.

-Visit of the Executive Director of WAMP to contact the authorities in charge of culture and discuss prospects for collaboration;

Bandjoun Museum, 2005
-visit of the Bandjoun Museum and evaluation of the damage caused by the fire of January 20, 2005
-Financial support for the reconstruction of museum collections destroyed by fire: acquisition of audiovisual equipment
Association Pays de la Loire Cameroon, 2006
-Draft publication of the road guide map of chiefdoms in Cameroon.

Arquivo Historico Nacional

Through the Small Grants Program, WAMP has supported Arquivo Historico Nacional by setting up a Special Documents Museum in Cape Verde, with collections consisting of old maps, stamps, mummies, photographs, postcards . This project has also been supported by the UK Development Administration Overseas, and a strong national contribution comes from partners in Cape Verde. Thanks to this collaboration, the Special Documents Museum has become the first museum in the country, with a central collection (stocks increased from 3-4 articles in 1991 to more than 900 in March 1993; museum collection, memory organization, documentation, exhibition and development of extension programs – opening of first exhibition scheduled for July 1993, establishment of staff, adoption of legal and administrative texts by the Government museum essentials.

-Financial support for the project of acquisition of climate control equipment for the museum of special documents « , 1998
-Financial support for the project of creation of a database, digitization of collections and CD ROM edition, 2005

Instituto da Investigacao e do Patrimonio Cultural (IPC)
-Support for the establishment of a site museum in Cidade Velha, 1998
-Financial support for the exhibition project « Nos patrimoniu-notre patrimoine, 2004
-Funding of a National Training Workshop in Cultural Heritage Management, 2004.

Museum of Civilizations
-Staff training
-Development of architectural studies for the extension of the exhibition hall
-introduction of conservation data for the new permanent exhibition
-Assistance with the collection acquisition program for the exhibition « Aesthetics of everyday life »
-Model showcase design
-donation of books to the Museum’s documentation center
-Sending a consultation mission to help define the museum’s strategic plans
-Sending of an expert mission for the evaluation of the documentary system of the museum and the collection.
-Financing of the project « building a bar-restaurant » to improve attendance and museum receipts.
Don Bosco Museum of Duékoué
-Conducting an evaluation of the museumFinancial support for the first meeting of the International Scientific Commission of the museum.
National Costume Museum, Grand Bassam, 2005
-Financial support for the rehabilitation of the artisans’ forum and the construction of cafeteria
Cultural Heritage Department, 2005
-Financial support for the organization of National Heritage Days
-Funding of a national heritage management workshop for officials from the Ministry of Culture and Francophonie.

National Museum (created in July 1984)
Ø In connection with the WAMP, the National Museum in the Gambia has received support from the Ford Foundation in the form of a university scholarship for a diploma for the Conservator, and a grant to train museum technicians and carry out a new animation program. The WAMP recommendations were used to improve the museum’s exhibition.
Tanje Village Museum
Ø support to the research and documentation project on traditional musical instruments.
National Council for Art and Culture
Ø Financing of the research project and publication of a collection on Mandingo proverbs
Ø Training Workshop for Museum Staff from The Gambia, Liberia and Sierra Leone (2005).

Ghana Museums and Monuments Board
Ø Support for the implementation of a Community Museum pilot project in Sekondi-Takoradi, 1998-1999
Regional Museum of Volta in Ho, 2000
Ø financing for setting up weaving and ceramics workshops.
Cape Coast Museum, 2000
Ø Support for the project « Art and craft workshop for out-of-school children »
Sokode Traditional Council, 2005
Ø Financial support for the renovation project of the traditional museum of Sokodé
Manya Krobo Traditional Council, 2005
Ø Financial support for the project of setting up a community museum
Ghana Museums and Monuments Board
Ø Documentary production on traditional Ghanaian games.

National Museum of Guinea, Conakry, 2000
Ø Financial support for the project « Loma culture open doors »: research, documentation, exhibition and animation on the Loma people.
Ø Photographic exhibition on « the impact of armed conflict on heritage »
Prefectural Museum of Kissidougou, 2004-2005
Ø Support for the rehabilitation of the museum and the setting up of a new exhibition
Ø Support for postcard publishing to increase museum resources
Prefectural Museum of Nzérékoré, 2005
Ø Support for the rehabilitation of the museum and the setting up of a new exhibition.

Ethnographic Museum of Guinea Bissau
Ø Contact with the National Museum of Mali for planning and training support.
Ø Support to the Bissau-Guinean textile research collection mission which led to a temporary exhibition in Bissau in May 1986
Ø supply of basic photographic equipment
Ø Provision of equipment and expertise for the exhibition organized for the official reopening of the Museo Nacional da Guinee-Bissau.
Ø Submitted to the State Secretariat for Culture recommendations on the development of a new National Museum of Guinea-Bissau.
Ø Evaluation of the losses of the collection and the photographic archives after the civil war.
Ø Support to the strengthening of the museum’s technical capacities: constitutions of reserves, collection of objects, exhibition, 2004
Instituto Nacional de Estudos and Pesquisa (INEP)
Ø Support for the organization of photographic archive collections inherited from the previous colonial government
Ø Support for a grant of 4.900 pounds from the British Embassy to purchase the equipment and materials needed to process this collection.

National Museum of Liberia
Ø Assistance to the inventory / documentation project of the National Museum
Ø Participation in the National Workshop on Museum Politics
Ø Support for the establishment of the permanent exhibition
Ø The Project Director participated in a workshop organized in 1985 by the Tubman Center for African Culture.
Ø Support for the development of a museum education program developed from a special collection acquired through WAMP funding, 1998
Ø Conducted a WAMP mission to Monrovia to evaluate the losses of the collection and photographic archives at the National Museum and the Archives Department, 1999
Ø Financial support for the rehabilitation project of the national museum destroyed after the civil war, 2005
Ø Training Workshop for Liberia Museum Staff in The Gambia (2005).

Local Museums of Gao and Sikasso
Ø Photograph of objects and evaluation of the photographic archives of the National Museum for the collections of local museums.
Ø Conducted a field collection and documentation project that resulted in a large textile collection used in a regional conservation training workshop.
National Museum of Mali
Ø Development of a proposal for a major research project (CODDAV: Collection and Dissemination of Audio-Visual Data) aimed at documenting traditional art, craft, and technological processes and thus creating a database for conservation cultural
Ø Organization of a regional symposium on the use of audiovisual methods in the West African Museums, and in 1988, a training session on photography and the photographic archives of the museum. This basic work was also a way for the museum to raise funds for this project from UNESCO and the French Ministry of Cooperation.
Ø Establishment of links between the National Museum of Mali and the Fowler Museum of Cultural History of U.C.L.A. These resulted in a major multi-year research and collection project on textiles in Mali. The project was developed by both museums in collaboration with WAMP. It began in 1987, and four collection and research campaigns were successfully conducted jointly in different parts of Mali by teams from Bamako and UCLA.

Ø Supported in 1990 a field program of the National Museum of Mali to study the production and artificial aging of copper objects in Bamako.
Ø Funding, in 1991, of a trip to Dakar for a Malian archaeologist from the Institute of Humanities, to identify the archaeological material from Mali and the documentation related to it to the Fundamental Institute of Black Africa ( IFAN), and investigate opportunities to collaborate with IFAN in an exhibition program.
Ø Funding in 1991 for a trip to the photo archives manager to evaluate the IFAN photo archives related to French Sudan and Mali and to investigate the possibility of duplicating them for the National Museum of Mali
Ø Funding of the Research Project on Traditional Methods of Conservation of Iron and Leather, 1998
Ø Funding of a museum animation training workshop for teachers, 1998
Timbuktu Malian Association of Research Action for Development (AMRAD
Ø Postcard printing on the manuscripts of Tombuctou 2004

National Museum of Mali
Ø Funding of the research project on traditional iron and leather conservation methods: update of results and publication in English and French, 2005
Dogon Museum of Fombori
Ø Support to the educational project and equipment of the Museum, 1998
Ø Funding for the Jam Si Griots Research Project, pottery, batik and spinning workshops for community development, 2005.

Museum of Traditional Medicine of Mauritania:
Ø Strengthening the technical and administrative capacities of the museum of traditional medicine of Mauritania, 2004
Ø Training of the staff of the national museum in Ouagadougou te Niamey, 2008 and 2010.

Nigerian Heritage Information Program (HIPON)
Ø Support to a preliminary study for a central cultural property database of Nigeria.
Nigerian National Commission for Museums and Monuments (NCMM)
Ø Funding in 1990 of a workshop for 35 Nigerian conservatives, held in Jos. The workshop – the first ever for Nigerian museum curators – was held as a brainstorming session for museum professionals involved in decision making. The workshop was supported by the Swedish International AIDS Development Authority), the United States Information Service (USIS) in Lagos, and the International Center for the Study of Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property (ICCROM). The trainers came from the National Museum of African Arts (Washington), the Fowler Museum of Cultural History (Los Angeles), the Swedish African Museum Program (Sweden), ICCROM, the National Museum of Ghana (Accra)
Ø Launch of the competition of the exhibition-grant open to all participants of the workshop. The selection committee gave small grants to exhibition proposals submitted by the museums in Abeokuta, Jos and Lagos.
Ø Financial support to the Nsukka University Museum, 1993/94
Ø Financial support for the construction of an educational animation room at the National Museum of Port Harcourt
Financing of exhibition projects on:
Ø « preservation of the cultural heritage of the community at the Nembé Mangrove Museum », Bayelse State, 1995
Ø « Collection and management of garbage: creation of a healthy environment in the urban community of Aba » National Museum in Aba. 1995
Ø « Three exhibitions in three zones of the local government of Plateau State » at the National Museum of Jos. 1995
Ø financial support for the research / exhibition project on « King Jaja of Opobo, Enugu National Museum, 1995
Ø Financial support for the restructuring of the exhibition at the Center for Black and African Arts and Culture (CBAAC) and organization of a workshop for teachers, 1994
Ø HIV / AIDS Exhibition: Prevention, Treatment, Support, Enugu National Museum, 2005
Ø Funding of the museum kitchen project at the Uyo National Museum, 1995
Ø Financing of the construction project of a handicraft center at the National Museum of Ibadan, 2004
Ø Funding of slavery research project in Ibobioland country and publication of a book, Uyo National Museum, 2004
Ø Financing of the rehabilitation of the handicraft village of the National Museum of Lagos, 2005
Ø Training of young museum curators at Oweri 2006
Ø Training of trainers in textile conservation at the Lagos National Museum.

Institute of Research in Human Sciences (IRSH)
Ø Support to the project of continuation of the archaeological excavations on the site of Bura by the IRSH and exhibition of the results to the National Museum in Niamey, 1995
National Museum of Niger
Ø Support for the exhibition project on « Universe of Nigerian Women ». 2000
ICOM Niger National Committee
Ø Support for the Kakaki Cultural Center Project, 2005
National Museum of Niger, 2005
Ø Training museum staff of Niger in exhibition editing techniques
Ø Setting up the Albert Ferral Pavilion at the National Museum of Niger
Zinder Regional Museum, 2006
Ø Support for the enhancement of museum collections
Boubou Hama National Museum
Ø Development of the temporary exhibition room and acquisition of objects for the textile collection u national museum, 2010
Ø Training of National Museum Staff in Textile Conservation, 2010.

Historical Museum of Senegal
Ø Working session with new museum staff, before and after opening in 1989. Since 1991, WAMP has assisted the Museum with technical advice and logistical support in developing a guide. The book was published in April 1993 and played a crucial role in the museum’s policy of creating income-generating activities to fund other collection-related efforts.

Ø An agreement was signed with the Government of Senegal on the establishment of working capital at the Historical Museum of Gorée. The WAMP has contributed US $ 5,000, IFAN will contribute for the sale of 350 copies of the museum guide (estimated at: 875,000 CFA). A special account has been opened. The money will be used exclusively to finance income generating publishing activities. Working capital allowed the museum to print an additional 1,000 copies of the recently printed museum guide, reducing the cost of printing and increasing the profit on each book.
Ø Financing of the archaeological school project in Gorée, 1996

Ø Financing of the project for the production and provision of teaching aids to the school public (museo-pedagogy), 2000




IFAN Museum of African Art
Ø Conducted a study on the preservation and evaluation of collections in 1986.
Ø Working session with the preservation committee created to redefine the role and purpose of the museum.
Ø On the basis of the study and evaluation of the WAMP, a program to reorganize this museum was proposed and obtained a major grant from the Ford Foundation. The WAMP provided technical assistance and a small financial support that helped to begin the treatment of preservation of collections as an essential part of the overall reorganization.
Ø In 1989, the WAMP also contributed funds and technical assistance to organize the first research and field collection program of the IFAN Museum of African Art in twenty years.
Ø The WAMP has also supported the training of museum staff at the National Museum of Mali in Bamako.
 Fundamental Institute of Black Africa (IFAN)
Since 1988, WAMP has helped IFAN to initiate and execute a program to rescue and reorganize its photographic archives, one of the largest in French Sub-Saharan Africa (with about 50,000 negatives). A total study of the archives was conducted, and resulted in a « Safeguard and Rehabilitation Program of the IFAN Photo Library ». An agreement has been signed with the Senegalese Government on this program. According to this agreement, IFAN has renovated the facilities of the photo library. The WAMP helped to:
Ø Obtaining from the British Government a £ 45,000 grant through the ODA, which has been used as the most urgent and necessary equipment and equipment.
Ø In 1989, the WAMP facilitated and funded an expert mission and training program at the Photographic Preservation site at IFAN.
Ø In 1993, with the support of USIS, WAMP provided two experts to work with staff to conduct a mid-term evaluation and assist in technical operations, and in the organization of the training system. Data managment.
CRDS Museum of Saint Louis
Ø Funding of a glass painting training workshop for street children, 1998
Ø Establishment of an experimental project for the conservation of photographic collections. (1999, 2000) followed by an exhibition on the photographic archives


Direction of the National Archives of Senegal
Ø Financial support for the realization of a traveling exhibition during the celebration of the AOF centenary. (1996)
Ø Establishment of an experimental project for the conservation of photographic collections (1999)
Museum of the Woman « Henriette Bathily, Gorée », 1998
Ø Funding for the creation of a diorama reconstructing a scene of village life in the museum.
Ø Training in dyeing techniques for women with disabilities, 2005.
Gallery « Sahel workshops », 2004
Ø Funding for the project of training workshops in artistic expression for unemployed youth
Dakar Multipurpose Center (Ministry of Justice), 2004
Ø Financing of the project « Insertion of unemployed young people through carpentry and wood carving »
Ø Additional funding for capacity building of the carpentry and wood carving workshop
Association « Eight Facets Interaction », 2004
Ø Financing of the project « endogenous development, promotion of handicrafts in Hamdallaye (Kolda): organization of training workshops for traditional crafts (sculpture, pottery ..), promotion of cultural activities generating income

Directorate of Cultural Heritage, Ministry of Culture and Historic Heritage Classified
Ø Financial support for the publication of four CD ROMs on the intangible cultural heritage of Senegal, 2005
Ø Financial support for the organization of a national training workshop for the directors of Senegalese cultural centers in the framework of the National Plan for the Development of Culture (Dakar, July 2005)
Ø Realization with the financial support of UNESCO Dakar, the directory of museums in Senegal, 2008.

National Museum
Ø Evaluation mission of the National Museum’s collection and photographic archives after the war, 1999
Ø Financial support for the museum education program of the National Museum, 2000
Ø Training Workshop for Museum Staff of Sierra Leone in the Gambia (2005)
Ø Training of the staff of the National Museum in the conservation of the photographic archives 2006 and 2007.
Ø Set up an exhibition on the impact of the civil war in Sierra Leone, 2008

National Museum of Togo
Ø Financial support for the exhibition project « 100 years of Lomé seen from the National Museum », 1997
Association « Friends of Heritage »
Ø Financial support for the project « realization of a promotional package for the Koutammkou site »: edition of polychrome maps and an educational booklet for the promotion of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, 2005
Handicraft village of Lomé, 2006
Ø Training and improvement of the framework of craftsmen
Animal Museum of Lome, 2006
Ø Renovation of the showroom and acquisition of work equipment
Ø Training of the staff of the National Museum and the Sokodé Museum.



Training and exchanges


The WAMP organized two regional conservation workshops in collaboration with the International Center for the Study of the Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage (ICCROM).

Workshop on textile conservation, the reserve and the exhibition – Bamako, Mali, June 15 – July 10, 1984 (Bamako I). This workshop was designed to respond to the real need to improve textile conservation expertise, and provided a short-term specialized training model.

Nineteen professionals from 15 museums from 12 countries participated. The workshop also raised awareness of the importance of textiles as an integral part of cultural heritage, and had an effect on collection policies in some of the museums represented.

Workshop on the conservation of wooden objects – Bamako, Mali, 15 June – 15 July 1985 (Bamako II). This workshop dealt with the preventive conservation of collections of wooden objects. 21 professionals from 16 museums from 14 countries participated.


PREMA – Prevention in Museums in Africa. Based on Bamako’s experience in conservation training, ICCROM, in collaboration with the project, designed a specialized 11-month course in preventive conservation training for African curators – PREMA. It started in Rome in 1986, and became the PREMA program later.

In 1988 the WAMP participated in a seminar held in Rome organized by ICCROM to examine the state of museum training in sub-Saharan Africa and the evolution of PREMA. In the same year, the WAMP Director participated in a feasibility study of the PREMA program for which he visited six French-speaking African countries. On the basis of this study, ICCROM has completely redesigned the PREMA program.

In 1990, WAMP co-sponsored with ICCROM the first workshop for museum directors, held at the Regional Museum Training Institute in Niamey (Niger). Nineteen museum directors from 15 French-speaking countries participated. It was the first time that such an important group of museum directors from different parts of the continent met in Africa, not for a political meeting, but exclusively for a brainstorming session on professional issues.


Workshop on the organization of reserves – Dakar, 1989. Taking advantage of the occasion of the operation of the reorganization of the reserves of the IFAN Museum of African Art (operation « punching »): a project developed within the framework of the WAMP Conservation Study of 1986), the WAMP invited five museum technicians from Mali, Côte d’Ivoire, Burkina Faso and Guinea (Conakry) to participate in the program, which in turn developed into a hands-on training exercise for them.

The work was directed and supervised by a French conservation specialist. Apart from the benefits gained from the training for the guest technicians, their participation strengthened the IFAN museum team and enabled the Museum of African Art to achieve the objectives of its operation.

Training Workshop on « Institutional Capacity Building of Museums in West Africa », Dakar, 2000.
Roving Training Workshop on « The Brand Image of Museums in West Africa », Benin, Togo, Accra, 2001.
Training of Trainers Workshop for Heritage Professionals in West Africa, Dakar, 2004.
National Training Workshop for Cape Verde Heritage Professionals, Praia, November 2004
National Training Workshop for Senegalese Cultural Journalists, Dakar, February 2005
Training Workshop for Heritage Professionals from Liberia, The Gambia and Sierra Leone, Banjul, March 2005
National Training Workshop for Directors of Senegalese Regional Cultural Centers and Heritage Professionals of Mauritania, Dakar, July 2005.



Symposium on Local Museums in Africa – Lome (Togo), May, 1985. The meeting was funded and organized by the WAMP. Twenty curators, archaeologists, administrators and community leaders from across West Africa participated. The papers covered general theoretical topics, the practical problems of local museums, and the case studies of existing museums. The proceedings of the meeting were published on behalf of the WAMP by James Currey in London.

Meeting of Museum Directors – Bobo-Dioulasso (Burkina Faso), March 1990. The WAMP facilitated and financed a meeting of museum directors from Burkina Faso, Mali, Senegal and Niger. The meeting was devoted to examining the current situation of museums and possible ways of institutional collaboration in research, documentation, conservation, exhibition.

ICOM workshops on What Museums for Africa? Heritage in the making (Benin Ghana-Togo, 18-23 November 1991). The WAMP Director participated in the scientific committee of the workshops, set up by ICOM. The committee selected the participants and themes of the papers to be presented at the three workshops in Benin, Ghana and Togo. The WAMP contributed to these workshops by funding the travel expenses of six participants.

In addition, the WAMP Director was appointed to chair the Lomé workshop dealing with Heritage and Contemporary Culture and Museum issues, a Tool for Development (18-20 November), and was also involved in the drafting of the general synthesis of the three workshops during the plenary session (22-23 November).


Regional Workshop Program. In 1993, the WAMP began a series of brainstorming sessions: « Research and Communication in the Museums ». Particular emphasis is placed on promoting new methodological and professional approaches and encouraging museums and other disciplines to work together more closely. Each seminar is based on a multi-faceted approach linking one or two experimental projects in the same process, followed by a workshop that focuses on concrete experiences, approaches and methodological issues. They must also produce subsequent pilot projects that WAMP can support.

The first seminar-workshop on « Museums and Archeology: Research and Public Communication » was held in Abidjan (Ivory Coast) on June 22-28, 1993. Most archaeological research is done outside museums. Results and products represent an important and dynamic area of ​​knowledge about different aspects of a society’s history. Thirty archaeologists, museum professionals and teachers participated in the workshop. The debates were published in a special volume. Another outcome of the workshop was the launch of four pilot projects supported by WAMP in Cape Verde, Côte d’Ivoire, Mali and Nigeria. The workshop was funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, with support from USIS in Abidjan and Air Afrique.


International Seminar-Workshop on « Museums and History », Benin, 1995
International Workshop Seminar on « Museums and Urban Culture », Accra 1996
International Seminar-Workshop on « Conservation of Photographic Archives in West Africa », Senegal, 1999
International Workshop Seminar on « The Legal and Institutional Statutes of Private and Community Museums in West Africa », Burkina Faso, 2002.
International Workshop Seminar on « Armed Conflict, Culture of Peace and Protection of Cultural Heritage in West Africa, Conakry, Guinea, 2003.
International Seminar-Workshop « Cultural Heritage, Community Development and Regional Integration », Dakar, Senegal 2007
International Seminar-Workshop on « Impact of Armed Conflict on Cultural Heritage in West Africa », Dakar, Senegal, (2008)
International Workshop Seminar on « Preventive Conservation of Photographic Archives », Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso (2008)
Regional Training Workshop for Trainers in Textile Conservation and Exhibition Set-up in Museums in West Africa; Niamey, Niger (2010)
Meeting of Directors of Cultural Heritage and Museums of the ECOWAS Region (2013)
Participation at the Book Fair of Ouagadougou (2013)
Regional Workshop on « Oral Tradition and African Cinema, » Ouagadougou Burkina Faso (2015).