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Regional Workshop Program

In 1993, the WAMP began a series of brainstorming sessions: « Research and Communication in the Museums ». Particular emphasis is placed on promoting new methodological and professional approaches and encouraging museums and other disciplines to work together more closely. Each seminar is based on a multi-faceted approach linking one or two experimental projects in the same process, followed by a workshop that focuses on concrete experiences, approaches and methodological issues. They must also produce subsequent pilot projects that WAMP can support.

The first seminar-workshop on « Museums and Archeology: Research and Public Communication » was held in Abidjan (Ivory Coast) on June 22-28, 1993. Most archaeological research is done outside museums. Results and products represent an important and dynamic area of knowledge about different aspects of a society’s history. Thirty archaeologists, museum professionals and teachers participated in the workshop. The debates were published in a special volume. Another outcome of the workshop was the launch of four pilot projects supported by WAMP in Cape Verde, Côte d’Ivoire, Mali and Nigeria. The workshop was funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, with support from USIS in Abidjan and Air Afrique.

International Seminar-Workshop on « Museums and History », Benin, 1995
International Workshop Seminar on « Museums and Urban Culture », Accra 1996
International Seminar-Workshop on « Conservation of Photographic Archives in West Africa », Senegal, 1999
International Workshop Seminar on « The Legal and Institutional Statutes of Private and Community Museums in West Africa », Burkina Faso, 2002.
International Workshop Seminar on « Armed Conflict, Culture of Peace and Protection of Cultural Heritage in West Africa, Conakry, Guinea, 2003.
International Seminar-Workshop « Cultural Heritage, Community Development and Regional Integration », Dakar, Senegal 2007
International Seminar-Workshop on « Impact of Armed Conflict on Cultural Heritage in West Africa », Dakar, Senegal, (2008)
International Workshop Seminar on « Preventive Conservation of Photographic Archives », Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso (2008)
Regional Training Workshop for Trainers in Textile Conservation and Exhibition Set-up in Museums in West Africa; Niamey, Niger (2010)
Meeting of Directors of Cultural Heritage and Museums of the ECOWAS Region (2013)
Participation at the Book Fair of Ouagadougou (2013)
Regional Workshop on « Oral Tradition and African Cinema, » Ouagadougou Burkina Faso (2015)



To facilitate the flow of information and ideas across the West African region, the WAMP has started publishing an Annual Bulletin since 1990. To date 14 issues, including two special issues (9 & 10) and (13 & 14) have been published. published and distributed in museums in Africa and abroad.

§ Directory of Museum Professionals in Africa (1993 (French / English, co-ed ICOM)
Museums and the Community in Africa 1995
Museums and Archeology in West Africa, 1997 (English)
Museums and History in West Africa, 1999
§ Directories of West African Museums, 2000 (French / English)
§ Directory of Photographic Archives in West Africa, 2001 (French / English)
§ Museums and Urban Culture in West Africa, 2002 (English).
§ Reissue of the Directory of Museum Professionals in Africa (2003 (French / English, co-published with AFRICOM from the 1993 repertoire)
§ Proceedings of the International Workshop-Workshop on « The Conservation of Photographic Archives in West Africa », Senegal, 2003
§ West African Museums Directory (2007 Edition)
§ Directory of museums of Senegal (2008)
§ Manual on the preventive conservation of photographic archives (2008)
§ West African Museums Professionals Directory (website www.wamponline.org)
§ Documentary on ‘Art and tradition of textiles in West Africa, 2010